Hello world!

Hello world, indeed. This kind of post is mandatory for every blog and this one is not an exception.

I was contemplating about starting my blog for a while now. Gathering my courage – would be fairer to say. Procrastinating – if I’m totally honest.

It’s not my first blog actually. I have (had?) several more. They were niche blogs I am no longer interested in. Some of them a closed, some of them cans till be found. And I will leave them in that state in case I will find some interest in developing them again.

But meanwhile this will be my personal journal. I already have some drafts for future posts. And so far it seams the topics will vary greatly. From tech posts to philosophy. From listicles to product reviews. From writing advice to fiction.

I have a profile on medium.com as well. And majority of the posts will (probably) be published here and on medium concurrently.

I think that’s enough for the first, introductory post. To be continued..